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What happens to my negatives?


You can pick up your negatives once your order is finished. If you don't pick them up, we will dispose of them after 3 months.


We store your negatives for up to 6 months before sending them back to you. This avoids unnecessary shipments and costs for you, as we collectively send all your rolls from the last months back to you. You will receive a separate link for the shipping fee once we send them out. If you don't wan't them sent back, we will dispose your negatives.

If you only order development , please choose the ship back after developing or pick them up locally.

When do I get my scans back?

Usual turnaround times are:

1-2 Days for C41

1-3 Days for B/W

3-7 Days for ECN-2

Due to high volume and demand, these timeframes are subject to change. We always update our Instagram with the current times.

If you didn't receive your scans within the allocated timeframe, please contact us via Mail.

What scan sizes do you offer?



Perfect for web use, social media or prints up to 30x20cm. Click for Samples.

PRO SCAN - 6000x4000 PX

Maximum resolution to get the most out of your negatives & for prints up to 90x60cm. Click for Samples



6 X 4,5 - 2000 x 2666 PX

6 X 6 - 2000 x 2000 PX

6 X 7 - 2000 x 2300 PX

6 X 9 -  2000 x 3000 PX

Click for Samples.


6 X 4,5 - 3600 x 4800 PX

6 X 6 - 3600 x 3600 PX

6 X 7 - 3600 x 4200 PX

6 X 9 -  3600 x 5400 PX

Do you offer film soup development?

Sorry, due to the danger of chemical contamination, we cant offer this service at this time.

What equipment do you use?

For developing your film:

For C-41 films we use our trusty Fujifilm FP232B color negative processor.

ECN-2 and black and white films are developed by hand in an automatic Jobo rotary processor.

For scanning:

Noritsu LS-1100 for 135

Fuji SP-3000 for 120

If you prefer the Fuji Frontier for your 135 scans, we can also offer this service, just let us know beforehand.

Can I also place my order in the lab?

Yes, you can also drop the films off and we'll place order for you! You can pay by card or cash directly in our store.

What developer do you use for black and white films?

We use Kodak XTOL for most of our normal films as it is specifically made for rotary processing and yields fine grain with superior sharpness. We also have a range of other developer for special films, feel free to ask us if you have any special needs.